Innovators in Advanced Hair Thickening

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Proud pioneers of hair thickening technology

Born in London’s prestigious Harley Street, Mane (UK) LTD started in the early 80s as a cosmetic surgery and hair transplant clinic operating in the cosmeceutical capital of the world. It was here that this family run business started to pioneer effective, at home solutions for an issue that many of us will face. Hair loss.

Mane Hair Thickening Spray was born as a result of a rather happy accident. Looking for a product to cover cosmetic scarring and give new hair a helping hand, the clever brains at Mane developed what is now known as Mane’s Hair Thickening Spray and Root Concealer. Although initially intended as an exclusive product for surgery clientele, the demand for the spray meant that it quickly became a product in its own right, thanks to its magical abilities to transform the appearance of thinning and fine hair through innovative use of micro-mineral technology. Making Mane both the original hair thickening spray and the original root concealer.

40 years later, the brand still remains family owned and operated, and now involves its third generation. Mane have introduced a whole range of affordable effective products, both aesthetic and topical, so that their game changing hair loss solutions can be enjoyed by all.

Now the cult British brand has made its way across the pond to satisfy many more hair thickening wants and needs in the USA.


The World’s number one cosmetic hair thickener

For the last four decades, Mane has been happily used by countless customers who credit the products for restoring not only their hair, but their confidence too. Additionally, the brand is a staple tool in many a top hairstylist’s kit and used by celebrities for both every day and red carpet looks. Leading global publications, such as Daily Mail and Harper’s Bazaar, have sung the product’s praises and the spray itself has even had a few TV appearances. Mane’s ethos has always been to develop products that are readily available for everyone to use that bring effective, reliable and cost effective cosmetic solutions to people who are suffering from fine or thinning hair for various reasons.

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Mane International throughout the years

In 2011, Mane Hair Thickening Fibres were introduced in response to high demand, offering a smart solution to instantly thicken hair. This innovative product quickly gained popularity among users seeking a quick and effective hair thickening treatment.

In 2017, the introduction of new technology paved the way for the development of an affordable Hair Thickening Shampoo. This product, designed to strengthen, fortify, and thicken hair with every wash, marked a significant advancement in hair care.

Jet-setting customers celebrated in 2011 when Mane launched a 100ml travel version of their flagship product, the Mane Hair Thickener. This convenient size catered to the needs of travelers, ensuring they could maintain their desired look on the go

Spring 2019 witnessed the debut of Mane Hair Thickening Conditioner, complementing the Mane Hair Thickening Shampoo perfectly. This dynamic duo offered users a comprehensive hair care regimen for achieving thicker, healthier-looking hair.

In the autumn of 2019, Mane introduced another travel-sized product to their lineup: the 100ml Seal and Control. This addition to the Mane Hair Travel pack provided users with a convenient option for maintaining their desired hairstyle while traveling.